We invite students to something better.                                                  Through parties, event and trips, we have lots of epic fun.

We invite students to something bigger.
We incorporate things like events, parties, and trips in order to give students a chance to connect with a larger community.

We have fun.
Whether in our PAC groups, on long road trips, or sharing a meal, we love to have fun!

We want all to feel welcome.
Whatever your background, passions, or life story, you are welcome and we want you to be here.

We love Jesus.
We do what we do because the love of Jesus changed our lives and we know it can do the same for you.


PAC groups are gatherings led by our leaders that exist to:

  • Offer a welcoming and inclusive environment to invite others in (i.e. a meal, a grill out, a trip, etc).
  • Establish a safe atmosphere for spiritual conversations.
  • Cultivate a community where people feel known and accepted long after the gathering is over.


Pre- global pandemic, the plan was for one-of-a-kind events, epic parties, and unforgettable trips to be a cornerstone of this organization. However, in light of Covid- 19, our plans for these over the top shindigs are on hold until it becomes safe enough for us to gather in this way. Our team is strategically thinking + planning ways to host events that can be Covid- safe and still pretty darn unforgettable – so stay tuned for that!

Our Vision | The PAC Fort Worth

The PAC is an organization designed to introduce college students to a God who radically loves them and will never give up on them. We meet students where they’re at in whatever walk of life they may be in, and encourage them to seek out and engage in gospel-centered community so that they may come to know Christ and experience abundant life.

The PAC is a place where students will be loved by people who’ve been radically changed by the love of Jesus. Those relationships will start through anything and everything fun we can think of (events, parties, trips, etc.) and then become more intentional over time, through conversations on couches, porches, dinner tables and more.

Our hope is that as students feel welcomed, accepted and loved by this community, they would ultimately be drawn to Jesus!

Interested in joining our leadership team?

We long for a city transformed by the love of Jesus.

Our Heart Beat
What We Believe