Welcome to The PAC

Welcome to The PAC

Life changing community through life changing experiences.



Established in 2020, The PAC was born from a desire to better pursue those who are far off with radical love, the way that our heavenly Father pursues us.


“But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son…”

Luke 15:20


The Prodigal Son is a story about a son who runs from his father and the father – out of an abundance of self- sacrificial love – pursues his son. At The PAC we believe that we all run from our Father. Paul tells us that no one is righteous; all of humanity is broken and has run away from God. But we know that’s not the end of the story, Jesus is our rescuer who, “while we were still a long way off,” ran out to us and brought us back into right relationship with God. And so, recognizing that all of us are lost, but found in Jesus, it’s our delight to go and engage with a world who has run away from God and to tell them about their Heavenly Father who is still pursuing them.

So, how do we do this?

Good question. We believe that radical, transformative life change happens when someone experiences true gospel- centered community. And so we created three different avenues to better invite others into life-changing community. We reach students through the three main pillars of our organization: PAC Leaders, PAC Groups, and PAC events, parties, and trips (EPTs). Our hope is that as students feel welcomed and accepted and loved by this community, they would ultimately be drawn to Jesus!

PAC Leaders

Each semester we recruit a team of dynamic leaders into a life changing community where we model the gospel, learn to engage our world, and deepen  our faith and understanding of who God is and who He says we are. Our leaders gather weekly to be trained, equipped, and encouraged and then sent out as a community on mission to their campus.

PAC Groups

PAC groups are gatherings led by our leaders that exist to:

  • Offer a welcoming and inclusive environment to invite others in (i.e. a meal, a grill out, a trip, etc).
  • Establish a safe atmosphere for spiritual conversations.
  • Cultivate a community where people feel known and accepted long after the gathering is over.

PAC groups are marked by Gospel generosity. This means that we provide our leaders with resources in order to extravagantly love the members of their groups. Whether that be providing a huge spread of mouth-watering tacos, paying for a weekend get-away, or picking up the bill for someone’s car troubles- our hope is that by showing radical love in this way, our leaders would be able to demonstrate the extravagant love of Jesus. Gospel generosity is a way for us to bless those who we are reaching out to simply because we love them right where they’re at, just as Christ loved and died for us right where we were at (Romans 5:8).

PAC Events, Parties, & Trips

Events, Parties, and Trips (EPTs) will exist to create an inviting environment where our leaders can invite and welcome those who may not ever choose to walk through the doors of a traditional church into the fold. We believe that by introducing those who are “far off” to gospel- centered community, through EPTS, that we can reach significantly more students.

In order to best love our campuses in Fort Worth, we are postponing all large EPTS, until it is safe to gather in large numbers again. When we do get to launch the EPTS branch of our organization, our EPTS will be marked by being fun, inviting, welcoming, and celebratory.


Our Vision

We long to see a city and an entire generation transformed by the love of Christ. The PAC is a place where students will be loved by people who’ve been radically changed by the love of Jesus. Those relationships will start through anything and everything fun we can think of (events, parties, trips, etc.) and then become more intentional over time, through conversations on couches, porches, dinner tables and more.

Our hope is that as students feel welcomed, accepted and loved by this community, they would ultimately be drawn to Jesus!


Got questions or just interested in learning more about what The PAC does? Feel free to shoot us an email at info@thepacfw.com.